The best quality Melanotan 2 nasal tanning spray.
The best quality Melanotan 2 nasal tanning spray.

Nasal Tanning Spray

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Most of us want to look like a tanned star on holiday, but choosing a way to achieve this can be tricky. Too much sun exposure can cause harmful effects and if you have a very fair complexion, it can lead to unnecessary burning. Our Melanotan 2 nasal spray will help increase your body’s own melanin production, giving you an all over, even looking, deep and natural tan. Although you need sunlight, you don’t need to stay in the sun for long periods, thus reducing skin damage caused by UV radiation. In addition to the tanning benefits, libido can slightly increase and your appetite can slightly reduce when using our Melanotan 2 nasal tanners. If you are of a fair complexion or don’t usually develop a tan in the sun, a tanning nasal spray is an excellent way for you to get a rich golden tan without too much sun exposure.

Why buy MT2 tanning nasal spray from us?

We use only the highest purity Melanotan 2 in our products and carefully source it from the best suppliers. We examine the data sheets of our Melanotan 2 or MT2 in depth and test the products even on ourselves! So you can rest assure that you are getting a top quality MT2 nasal spray every time.

How should you use our TurboTan nasal tanners?

If you are the type of person that lie in the sun for hours and hours when on holiday, just to get the best tan possible, then we have great news for you. This will no longer be necessary. Instead, you will find that once you're using our nasal tanning spray, you will develop a very dark tan quickly and easily and in no time. Not only that, you will develop that dark golden glow even when you use sunblock! We therefore really recommend that you start using a good quality total sunblock, which means that you are protecting your skin against excessive sun exposure. This means that you will stay younger for longer, whilst you are still in the sun and enjoying it fully. So pack your SPF30, take your TurboTan MT2 nasal spray and come back from holiday with the deepest natural tan you have ever had.

Dosage information of our products.

Dosage information for TurboTan is included within every order. Our products have been tested and are safe. Please do not use TurboTan if you have any of the following: any allergies including food, rhinitis, asthma, if you are pregnant or you are breast feeding, hayfever or if you have any respiratory conditions. We have invented a "go-very-slow" approach to maximise safety and we recommend that you follow this. If it is your first time using our TurboTan nasal spray, you will start with a very low dose and increase it gradually over the first few days. During this loading phase, you will use approximately 10ml to develop your starting tan. The next 10ml will last substantially longer (roughly around 1 month), as you will use much less and you will use the product only to top up your tan, which is usually one or two sprays per day. 10ml is the equivalent of about 60 sprays. Ingredients: 10mg Melanotan 2 (0.01% w/v), Preservative: Sodium Chloride.

Happy tanning!

What are nasal tanners?

TurboTan nasal spray or nasal tanners, contain a peptide called Melanotan 2 that stimulates the natural melanin production in your skin. So use our tanning nasal spray and have a superstar tan with minimal or no sun exposure, even if you have the fairest of skins.

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Fab service. This product really works! Highly recommend!


I have gone a lovely colour in less than a week obviously sun helps but works.


Great service!! Absolute quality product at a great price!!! Thank you.


Thank you, fantastic and quick delivery, love it, trusted seller will buy again.


Been taking 3 weeks and seeing a nice colour coming on now. Will buy again thanks!